No one wants to buy your crappy house. The blunt truth you need to hear if you want top dollar for your home!

No one likes to be told what to do, I get it, but if you want to get top dollar for your home, let me be the boss of you for just a few minutes.

First thing’s first, get a good realtor. I am not talking about the realtor who constantly sends you mail, or has his/her face on your grocery cart, this is a mistake I see people make all the time. When you hire the big name realtor, all too often, you end up with their associate, not the big shot you wanted to hire. Get a referral, ask your friends, see what their experiences were like.  If you happen to be in the greater phoenix area, I would like to refer myself! I want to interview for the job.  Once you find your agent, for the love of god, LISTEN to them. if you chose a great agent, they know what they are talking about, staging experience is a must.


Moving on, whether you took my first advice or not, take the rest…

1. Curb Appeal – You have mere seconds to make a first impression, and that’s the one that sticks. Get in your car, drive up to your own home and be brutally honest with yourself. If your trim is peeling fix it, if your front door is blah, paint it. Add flowers, a bench, potted plants, a wreath to the door. These are small things that go a long way. Remove any unnecessary items such as hoses, toys, gnomes (that’s right, I said it). Don’t skip this step, this is your first chance to show your buyer that your home is “worth it”

2. Get your crap out, no one wants to see it. I know that the porcelain clown collection from your great aunt Thelma is worth a bundle and you really love it, but it needs to go. Take anything and everything that you can live without out of the house. I recommend getting a storage unit. Yes this step is a hassle, but de-cluttering your home will not only make it feel more open,  it will allow buyers to picture their own stuff there.

3. You’re the only one that likes that color scheme. Once the crap is out, it’s time to neutralize! I totally get that your walls coordinated beautifully with your tastes and your furniture, but we are trying to sell your house to someone else. That means we want a neutral canvas. Once you’ve taken your home to a neutral place, add pops of color here and there to brighten things up and add interest.

4. Staging, live with it. Occasionally people don’t want to stage their homes, because they don’t like the idea of changes being made to the way they live. I usually suggest that moving out will also be a pretty big change, and well, lets make that easier to do. I stage my client’s homes, it adds space, and helps buyer’s to visualize possibilities. It’s an important step.

5. Smell, smell, smell. It’s hard to tell what your home smells like because you live there. I assure you it has a smell, good or bad, it has one. Give your house a deep top to bottom clean, and then give your house a subtle scent. My favorite is the clean cotton collection from Yankee candle. It’s a subtle fresh laundry smell, I love it. A light lemon scent is also nice. You can do this using candles (one or two, don’t go crazy) scent warmers, plug in’s whatever you prefer.

I find that my clients often “name” the homes we look at. Don’t let your house be, “The house that smells like salmon” or “The house with the Sprite can color scheme”. This of course is just the tip of the iceberg. If you have questions, shoot me a note, I am always happy to give advice.




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