Obviously you are SMARTER than your Realtor!

Monkey   Obviously you are smarter than your Realtor! Isn’t everyone? I mean this simply must be the case, otherwise, why would you be ignoring the advice of the trained professional that you hired? Hmmm, but wait, doesn’t your agent do this like day in and day out? It’s almost like they buy and sell houses for a living.

Do you detect any sarcasm? If the answer is no, go ahead and close this blog out now. Save yourself.

Folks, seriously, stop ignoring the advice of your Realtor. When they tell you the price you want for your house is too high, it is. The single biggest factor in a home spending more days on market than necessary is price. Think your agent wants to price the house too low to get it sold? Think again. The more your home sells for, the more money your agent makes, it’s a little thing we like to call commission based sales. Next, I am telling you, your agent wants to get more business in the neighborhood. You know what really irks the neighbors? Undercutting the value of their home by selling the neighbor’s house for next to nothing. Hire a good agent and they are going to work to get you as much for your home as they can, but they can’t magically wish the value of your home higher, so help them, help you.

A great agent (me, me) will walk you through your home and make suggestions for reasonable repairs and updates. There’s a chance they know what they are talking about. Just a chance. Maybe consider NOT blowing off their suggestions. I know you love your house and think everyone else will too. They won’t. Listen to your agent.

When your agent brings you feedback from other agents who have shown your home, put your giant house ego away and listen! Showing feedback is like gold! This is the feedback from potential buyers who have been through your home. It’s good stuff and can be a very useful tool if you can handle the truth. If the feedback is consistently that your collection of fuzzy bunnies with googly eyes is creepy and makes people want to run screaming, go ahead and store them for later. If you hear that your life size bozo the clown statue is too distracting for buyers, go ahead and send bozo on a holiday. You can bring him back in your new home. (Or never again). Don’t ignore the agent feedback, they are simply the messenger, and the message is worth your time.

I get it, you can beat your real estate agent in chess, you school them at monopoly and you could open a can of Trivial Pursuit whoop ass at any moment, but I am willing to bet your agent has bought and sold many more houses than you have. I will also bet that in a given week, they have been in and out of more strange houses than you have all year, So consider this, they might, just might have the experience here to get the job done. If you hire them, trust them, you’ll save yourself some aggravation in the long run.

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