Nobody said anything? 9 Ridiculous real estate signs that will make you chuckle.

Seriously, nobody said anything to these people? These ridiculous real estate signs make me chuckle a little every time.


southpeelhomes 3

South Peel homes

Really? I admit, it can be a painful process, but taking my appendix out with a chainsaw just seems worse somehow…








I just…anyone? My very immature sense of humor couldn’t resist this cheap laugh. Tell me, that the guy who made this sign didn’t post it on his facebook. So, no one says to B.J., “Hey (snicker, snicker) your sign says BJ worthy”. Maybe BJ is smarter than all of us, perhaps it is genius marketing. I couldn’t do it.

 Somehow I don’t think this neighborhood is “Kid friendly”


 pic 1

Well, there’s some full disclosure for you. This guy should have hired a realtor though, we know how to market a home to sell, even when the neighbors are less than ideal.






18_not-haunted I kid you not, in the state of New York, you DO have to disclose if a home is haunted, because you know, that could be a big deal to the new owner. Good to know that this one isn’t though. I think I’ll pick up a few of these riders for my sellers, just to make myself giggle. Buyers wouldn’t likely forget my client’s home!





dumpaday pic 2


This guy is way popular, makes a great margarita. I had no idea he was also in the real estate game.







gas refi Who wouldn’t refinance at the gas station? Luckily, gas prices are more reasonable recently, but if they go back up, there’s always this place. Local Exxon station, get gas, a burrito, and a refi. HA!









Oh dear. I’m pretty confident she meant to say deck, huge deck. Otherwise, I do believe her ad belongs on Craigs List. For the record, I would die, if I made this error, just die.












Because, who doesn’t want a pizza? I can see it now, you’re out looking at houses, you’re starving and then you see it, a house that comes with a pizza. Stop the car, that’s the one.






There you have it, 9 reasons why I like to have another person proof my work! I am all about crafty marketing for my clients, but sometimes it goes a little too far. Share any signs that you’ve seen, I always enjoy a good laugh!


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