Marketing Matters, don’t be dumb


Marketing Matters, don’t be dumb! The Super Bowl is a time when as many people tune in for the commercials as do for the actual game. Usually folks are poised for a night of giggles and grins as we watch animals talk and┬ásuper models scarf down giant burgers (you know they spit that out). This year, many companies tried for the touchy feely approach and you know what, it kind of sucked. Leading the pack as the worst commercial ever, was an appalling Nationwide insurance spot, that I’ve taken to calling, “the dead kid ad”. What the heck were they thinking? So I asked google, because google knows everything, and you know what I learned? People are angry, people are disgusted, and people are talking insurance cancellation. Now, last I heard, those Super Bowl ads weren’t free, so it seems to me, they may lose some money here. So, what is the moral of the story? When it comes to marketing, people like happy, and they don’t like dead children. Sweet work Nationwide, if you were going to put out an offensive commercial, at least you did it on the most watched night of TV, so you could offend everyone at once.

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