Get the Tinsel and lights back out, Starbucks has saved Christmas (After they tried to ruin it)

Crisis averted, get your tinsel and lights back out, Christmas is back on! Last Week, I shared with you the horrible news that Starbucks had gotten rid of the Eggnog Latte. While I realize that on a 1 to 10 scale of real problems, this “problem” actually ranks in the negative, I was still highly displeased. It’s my favorite, I wait for it all year, and I want to have it damn it. Well…it’s coming back my friends. Apparently I was not the only one rising up in protest, oh no there was a movement, a petition. Starbucks has heard the collective cries of the social media machine and has given in to our demands for eggnog representation. As of November 17, the Eggnog Latte will once again be available at your local Starbucks.

My favorite quote comes from the USA today article on the subject, Even I could’ve told them this…¬†Starbucks has learned its lesson, says Mills. Many consumers have a very emotional connection to the holidays, “and Starbucks is a part of that tradition.” To read the full article from USA today, check it out here:

So folks, there you go, you are free to once again enjoy this delicious holiday beverage.

Hallelujah, I will get my $5.02 ready for my Grande drink.

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